April: Busy month Cyberbullying Assembly, helping Guidance with online testing schedule, preparing students to take the online test.

Content, Team, Grade Level Meetings

Working with Guidance on finalizing the online testing schedule.

April 1 - Cyberbully Assembly presentation done by me for each grade level. PPT is too large to post.

April 12, 13, 16. - Teach lesson about PhotoStory to Spanish 1 students. This was my final formal observation of my career. The teacher selected various pictures from the textbook for the students to use to talk about the family and use the various words and sentences they had learned. We set up a rubic to be used. The final part was to do the presentation in class. This took the place of students doing one on one with Ms. Ramsey.

SOL Test Practicing - Working with various 6th grade social studies teachers and students on how to take the online test. Going to classroom and showing students how the tools work and then teachers are bringing students to the lab to work with a released test.

Ginny Lilly (6th Grade - LA and Geography) - working with her on a student Blog and Wiki.