in some ways is always a slower month as far as teachers utilizing me as a resource. They are in the process of trying to finish up any projects/assignments before the holiday break.

VSTE Conference:

November 30-December 2: Conference started off slow but then found several good presentations to go to. Noticed that the economy definitely is having an effect on the number in attendance and in the number of presenters. Was disappointed that a couple of sessions had been canceled. Also did not realize that in order to attend the ITRT mini-conference luncheon you had to register. You could still go to the mini- conference sessions however. Sessions I attended:
  • ITRT Mini-Conference Opening Session -
  • ITRT Mini-Conference Session - Salem City Schools utilizes Google and Moodle Apps to create exciting, interactaive learning environment for faculty, staff, and students.
  • IPods in the Classroom - these devices allow us to reach special needs students, gifted learners, and everyone in between. O'Neal told how they purchased, set up and used these devices. Http://
  • ITRT Mini-Conference - Digital MOvie Making in the Web 2.0 World - Explore media creating with digital storytelling, using Discovery Education streaming and Web 2.0 applications.
  • Conference General Session and Keynote Presentation - Consumers to Creators: The Content Creating Classroom with Matt Monjan.
  • There's an App for That: 50 iPhone Apps in 60 Minutes - Find out what apps have the potential to change your classroom and see them all in action.
  • Bend it, Break It, Bust It Loose - 10 Ways DE Streaming Can Change the Established Model - new exciting ways to incorporate media and technology into the classroom.
  • Using Goodle Reader and RSS for Personal Professional Development - find out how to use Goodle reader to capture information from RSS feeds and add another toold to your Personal Learning Network
  • Take the High Road - Discover free and minimal cost resources for assistive technology use.

Conference Web Sites: (filer) (storyboard pro) - text to speech-write script

December 10 - Exam View Training @ MHS

Karen Jones - Foreign Language work with her on scanning and how to do PhotoStory project.

December 18 - work with visiting speaker in Auditorium for Poe Presentation.