February 1:

This proved to be an intereting month in that we were out for many snow days. Therefore, most teachers were trying to finish up projects they had started earlier.

Attended various meetings: PAC, SIT, Faculty, Grade Level, Content, Team, etc.

Cyberbullying assembly postponed due to weather. Reschedule for April 1.

MSITRT's met February 8 to work on the 8th Grade Technology Test.

SMART training: February 23, 24, and 25. One of the best training I have been to. The trainer must have been an awesome teacher. The teachers that Mrs. Miller sent were also very impressed. The training showed how you can be interactive with the board and also be very student centered. We are coming to the end of our purchases. Most every teacher in the building will have their own SMART BD. Hurray.

Tech Advisory Panel met and discussed the surveys we want to do about technology to see where we are in training, where we need to head, and what will be our next initative as far as equipment.

Michele Holmes, PE Instructor: working with her over a period of several month on various projects. She has truly embraced the concept of Student Centered activities. During the first activities used either PowerPoint or SMART for their project. These Projects dealth with . The second activity the students used the Flip Cameras and MovieMaker to complete PSA's on medical issues.

Activity 1:

Activity 2: PSA's Using Flip Cameras and MovieMaker