has been an unusual month. Everyone is trying to catch up from the 2 snow days before the Winter Holiday break and also the one in Jauary. Teachers are trying to finish many multimedia projects that students were working on and also get to the topics they need to finish before the end of the semester. Seems like I have been constantly busy but nothing big like I usually work on.

Cyberbully Assembly - working on for February 26.

Attended various meetings: PAC, SIT, Faculty, Grade Level, Content, Team, etc.

Study Island - listened to two Webinars - one on Writing and one on Text to Speech. Still working on how to do.

Inspiration® - Jason Brown teacher helped with lesson - Developing science inventors timeline.

MovieMaker - Michele Holmes teacher - taught students how to use MovieMaker. They are working on PSA projects. More to come on this later as I help students with their projects. (Snow Days UGH!) Work with her period 1, 2, & 5 on Jan. 26, 28, 29 & Feb. 1

Ginny Lilly and LoriBeth Curtis - help them with Bullying PSA's and videoing students.

January 25 - all day SMART Coach training @ JWM

January 25 - Teacher Workday - work with teachers on grading problems. This proved to be very interesting since I was also in a SMART Training all day. It was funny to watch a teacher put their head on the window in the door and look pitiful.

Public Service Announcements Created by 8th Grade G & T Students dealing with Including Others, Cyberbullying and Empathy.

Web Sites:
www.piclits.com Good Site to use for Writing Prompts
http://prezi.com A free presentation program