November is a month of:

EdLine (report cards came out), students coming and going from JWM, MovieMaker™, PhotoStory3™, Working on Notebook10™ (I still have a ways to go), Discovery Science, content, grade level, and team meetings, and really enjoying working with the students on their projects. This makes you remember why we are really here. Seeing them truly engaged is wonderful.

Hartzfeld - Writing Project:
The Haunted House writing was their first major essay they wrote this year and I wanted to videotape them so they could watch themselves and how they present themselves in front of an audience. They could also see how they need to speak loudly when presenting. They had to do positive critiqueing of each other. (It was amazing videoing theses students and seeing and hearing about their writings. The effects that some of them used were really great. Here is a snipit of the video. When finished there was 2 videos of 1 hour each.)

Owens - Writing Project using PhotoStory3™ - Mrs. Owens came to me looking for a way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of narrative writing. The students had already demonstrated the ability to write a narrative but Mrs. Owens wanted students to also be able to show that the could illustrate narrative writing. Here are some videos of Mrs. Owens and her comments and student work.

Student Examples:

Owens - Writing Project using Word™ - The word processing was the culmination of a writing project that Mrs. Owens did with students. She has found that students do not know how to format a paper properly. Because of this Mrs. Owens goes over exactly what she expects of the students. Even though this is a lower level group they always seem to meet the chalenge and do well.

Examples of Student Writing:

(not everything is perfect - they are working on corrections) These are students who have shown great improvement in the writing process.

Killmer - Figurative Language Project using PhotoStory3™, PowerPoint, SMART Games, MovieMaker, etc. - Mrs. Killmer differentiated in her various periods. The gifed group got to choose which application to use to develop their figurative language project, another class worked just with PhotoStory3™, and her lowest group will be using PhotoStory3™ to bring their memoir to life.
I worked with Mrs. Killmer to develop this project with students. Mrs. Killmer had not used PhotoStory3 before so here is the movie she developed using figurative lanuage. Some student projects are also here. These students learned about scanning, using Flip Camera, Digital Cameras, Sounds, etc. They were so engaged with the finding of pictures and the writing of the sentences for figurate language that you could hardly get them to talk with you.

Examples of Student Writing:

(not everything is perfect - they are working on corrections) These are students who have shown great improvement in the writing process.

Michele Holmes: The Study of Infectious Diseases - Mrs. Holmes classes have been studying infectious diseases in class. They have been doing research using the mobile labs gathering information. They took that information and are using the SMART Notebook10™ software to make lessons or games to share with each other. They were definintely using problem solving and critical thinking skills as they worked on their projects to learn how to use the software.

Other Happenings:
  • Angela Mohr and student - worked with on putting together a Bullying PSA
  • Attended PAC and SIT meetings
  • Science Content Meeting
  • 7th Grade Level Meeting
  • Math Content Meeting
  • MS ITRT Meeting
  • ITRT Meeting in place of Exam View meeting
  • SMARTBd - learning the solutions to problems when you don't have one to use - Crazy!
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