October has been a month of:

Edline, SMART® Notebook 10, MovieMaker®, InspireData®, Discovery® Science, and content meetings.

Edline - It never ceases to amaze me how concerned parents become once progress reports come out. Getting on Edline is now a top priority and forgotten passwords, lost activation codes, changing student passwords in place of getting their own account and then the student cannot get on here at school is the norm lately.

October 1, 2, 5 - Worked with Dale Byard Science Classes with Variables (Independent and Dependent) using InspireData®. Video is attached.

SMART® session 2 - all staff is receiving training on using the SMART Boards. This is part of our 6 hours. I am just a regular student in this inservice.

Discovery® Science - worked with Julie Reissig, Kristen Damico, and Jason Brown. Trying to learn about Discovery Science and any problems we may be experiencing.

Worked with 6th Grade Geography and Language Arts to see what we can do to incorporate more technology. Will be working particularly with Heather Hartzfeld in the coming month.

Tech Ed - worked with students on Safety Video.

Geography Class - worked with Cheryl Holm using SMART® Notebook 10 software. Students creating games to use for test review.

How I feel at the end of the month.