September, 2009 Monthly Activities

August 14 - Meet with all new staff - user accounts, passwords, Edline, etc.
August 21 - All day - Teachers come at various times to go over GQ expectations and to set up Edline and GradeQuick.
August 26 – September 15 – met with 811 students for computer orientation (rules and regulations during Discipline Assembly), changing of passwords, and activation or changing of passwords for student Edline accounts.

Six Hours beyond contract is being spent on SmartBoard Training for all teachers in the building. We currently have 22 SmartBoards and are getting at least 9 more. Goal is to have one in each core class and then add electives.

MS ITRT’s met on September 17 to discuss what is going on in the MS, 7th Grade Tech Test. and to learn from each other. Plan to meet monthly. Next meeting time is October 18 @ Byrd.

Technology Advisory Panel has been set up in accordance to SIT. First goal is to create a survey for teachers. More to come later on this. Plan to meet most months. Next meeting is October 14.

ITRT will attend as many Content, Grade Level and Team meeting as possible through out the year in accordance with SIT plan.

Working with Jeff Holms, Tech Ed teacher, with Video and digital cameras on Safety with equipment. Hope to have video’s that student can watch to learn about safety in the Tech Ed Shop. More info to come later. Had to postpone finishing with students because they were not ready.

Working with Dale Byard (science) on teaching student to use InspireData. More to come later on this.
Day 1 - worked showing how InspireData™ works using Circle Game.
Day 2 - students had previouly used scientific investigation to collect data to put into their own InspireData™ project. In this project, they would enter the data and then use the graphing feature to see if their hypothesis was correct.
Day 3 - Students presented their finding in class.

Found video on using Online Communities in the Classroom. - If you want to download this video, you must become a member of Seems to be a good way to share how to use some of the 21st Century tools even though it is not from this country.

Working on Web Page for PTO.

Other Web Sites or materials -
Edutopia-10-top-tips-for-teaching-with-new-media-print.pdf. I have shared this with various staff members.

Voki - trying to figure out how to use - have some difficulty getting back in after creating. It is a type of avatar.